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♪ gerri: despite earning more than billion dollars in profits last year, facebook paid nothing when it came to federal and state taxes in 2012. should that be allowed? here is what some of your posting of my facebook page. john writes, no, they should keep every last threats and they make. disagreeing, you and i do. why not them? we also have a question on 89 percent of you said yes. 11 percent said no. be sure to log on to for online question every weekday. finally tonight, a case of hypocrisy in washington. i know, you're shocked, right? the daily call reporting democratic senator barry landreau of louisiana and her husband a zero uncle sam more than $1,200 in tax penalties.
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now, it's unclear what the penalty is for, but it is a see it with a two and a half million dollar mansion. here is where the hypocrisy comes in. last week she told the senate appropriations hearing from the reality is that revenues coming into the government of the lowest levels since president eisenhower. we have to bring in more revenue . okay. when we start with the revenues the euro. that's my "2 cents more." breezy. those people in congress. that's it for tonight's "the willis report." take your joining us. don't forget to record the show. we will see right back here tomorrow night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the white house tonight denies that they intentionally lead to details of the president's proposal to overhaul the
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country's immigration system after being soundly blasted by congressional republicans for trying to kill the bipartisan immigration deal proposed by the so-called gang of eight. the center marco rubio, one of the republican leaders of that gain was unequivocal in announcing the president's intervention in what until this weekend has been a promising approach to new immigration legislation. this so-called leak of the president's plan was politically explosive. it may have ended the process. if actually propose to the president's bill would be dead on arrival in congress, leaving us with unsecured borders and a broken legal immigration system for years to come. white house officials today clumsily insisted that the league draft did not come from them. the draft, including an 8-year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the country and a window as small as two years for those who were brought here as children.
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but another gang of eight member, senator john mccain dismisses the white house claims today of innocence and the release of that draft. now the awkward walk back of the president's initiative. senator mccain questions the president's desire to actually, sincerely fix the broken legal and illegal immigration system. >> leaks don't happen in washington by axa. this raises the question that many of us continue to wonder. does the president really want a result or does he want another -- lou: a central question in all of this. if the white house had nothing to do with the leak, the president's chief of staff on sunday morning talk shows to issue ultimatums like this. >> he says it is denim arrival of proposed. let's make sure does not. let's make sure that the group up there, the gang of eight, makes good progress on these efforts as much as they say they want to which is exactly what we intend to do to work with them.
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lou: the $85 billion in spending cuts and the sequestration are now just ten days away from going into affect. the house and senate stand in recess. the president returned to the white house tonight after is three day gulf weekend. to receive all been with, again? mr. obama is being very careful to slide back into the routine. no abrupt work being introduced. nothing on the public schedule other than a friday meeting with japanese prime minister at the white house. president obama's legal immigration proposal reinforcing concerns that the president is not interested in tying border security to in the legalization of illegal immigrants. joining us now to discuss this week, the impact of immigration reform, manhattan institute fellow and city journal contributing editor heather macdonald, fox used in digital politics editor joining is from the nation's capital. is the nation's capital all
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abuzz with the utterly outrageous claim that the white house are originated this league? >> well, you know very well that least not happen by accident in washington. as you astutely pointed out, mr. mcdonough testimony on the sunday shows made it very clear that this leak was something that they wanted for. they would like to go -- go to congress and they're giving the president what he wants an illegal immigration which is amnesty, unconditional, and a rapid path with citizenship. as things a true. and if it does not work out and the president is not good ability once he would be perfectly content to attack republicans with the issue of calling them xenophobic and racist in the run-up to the midterm elections. lou: all that we have heard before, and the mcdonald. is that likely to be effective? either a cajole or of any kind
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of threat? >> well, i'm afraid i don't get any of this. i think it is all kabuki theater. in fact a mother is no significant difference between the president obama's proposal and the bipartisan proposal. the basic fact of both of them is an amnesty, and that would be willing to bet that under the gang of a proposal we have a quicker path the legalization then eight years proposed in the obama package. absolutely. i do not believe that we will go, given the current pressure, against enforcement that we will go eight years without converting probationary status into the green card. frankly, the real goal of this is the probationary status. once you get an illegal alien, probationary status, it's basically illegal. both plans to that from day one. lou: do you agree with that? do you think this is just, as heather has put it, kabuki theater, political theater, if
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you will, contrived and directed toward one result, a swift implementation of what is a -- exactly what the president wants >> we do kabuki theater down here better than anyplace else in the world. apologies to our japanese cousins. the truth is, the republicans, the conservatives are fighting over this question. heather, who work i have long admired and who is very smart and i'm very honored to be on with there, the truth is this. for conservatives the question is, what is the condition? they know that the game is up once you have the initial enlistee, whenever you call it. the question the conservatives are wrestling with is, what did they get in return for the original amnesty? full implementation of e-verify, border security. order the things that they get in exchange for that? this is a long dance that is being played out among the service and republicans, especially house republicans and between this gang of eight and house republicans right now.
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the president's mission of the weekend was to set the goal post further back and make it harder in terms of this because remember -- and don't forget, i only do cynical politics because i live in kabuki cent. the truth is that republicans now that they desperately need to get past this issue and quit talking about it. any deal that they could do that would get them out of this jail they would be happy to have. >> they will do it. this allows the gang of eight and marco rubio to position themselves as immigration talks and it is a good, bad cop routine. now the alternative, if you want enforcement, is the gang of eight enlisting proposal. i would say, what they really should be bargaining for, which they already given up, so this is irrelevant, is to move the legal immigration system toward priority for skilled immigrants away from family reunification. that was in senator arubia as original plan and that is now gone. at this point nothing really matters 36 he looks like a leader on this.
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right now looks as though he is going to be -- he has been marginalized to a large degree. and, well, he will emerge from whatever happens stronger as a leader of the republican party. it is pretty clear right now that the republicans are not going to be able to say to the hispanic american potential voters, you know, you have to come with us. we want better than 30 percent participation. were you think we go here? >> well, republicans have a huge problem with mexican-american voters. no question about that. that is a major blight on their party. but here's the deal. yes, when it comes to us smart people who do real policy on these issues, there is a lot to be said about the question of these guest worker vises and the question about skilled workers verses not skilled.
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the name of the game for republicans is what you do with the people who are already year. how you address those folks. for the republicans what they're hoping for. they're not allowed to say out loud and more because of mitt romney, but what they're hoping for is self deportation 1c-rarefy and systems like that do it in place, people who are not workers eventually leave the country. tough call for the party. there and a real crossroads. lou: is chris being a little -- he says he is cynical. he sounded to me like he was gloriously optimistic. [laughter] >> i think he is inside the beltway. i think this is -- lou: not there. unkind. >> i guarantee you, and we can come back and debate this. in a month this will have blown over and we will the bit -- we will be back to the gang of the proposal. as much as anybody can hope for, and i promise you we will see legalization, full legalization before eight years. lou: before eight years. i, by the way, will not make that bet. we will leave it up to you.
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how you invest your money. >> it depends on what the bet is lou: the idea here that this is somehow resolved and that there will not be a chain migration that is an emphasis on bringing families to this country, 11 million. there is no number being issued here. i have always said that is one of the deeply troubling things. give us a number. 11 million illegal immigrants in the country than pleased to say 11 million opportunities whether they be in the form of the sec, whenever for. i suspect that the number is going to be well north of that, don't you? >> it will be thanks to chain migration. even if there are only 11 million illegal aliens year they will then become qualified to bring in their spouse. in turn, there is a more broad range after that. lou: there you are. and you thought that heather and i were not going to sound
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cynical. >> it's okay. the gang of two has defeated me. that is fine. lou: we come together. we offer one another council. thank you very much. appreciate that. much more on the president's immigration, what would you call that, leek and its effect on bipartisan discussions on the still sore subject of illegal immigration through the broadcast. ♪ lou: obamacare running out of money before it even begins or as a colleague of mine says, it's a hot mess. that's the "chalk talk" tonight. the $101 billion tax no one has ever heard of. you will hear about it here tonight. ♪ with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less?
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lou: if the 2 percent payroll tax took a bite out of your income, sit down, take a deep breath. liz macdonald is going to join us in just a few moments, and you are going to a -- you're not going to be pleased with what she has to say because the taxes are going higher, and in many different ways. this is president's state, the stock market closed. year to date has been a good year. the dow leading the way higher, up 877. just this year of nearly 7% on the year to date. the s&p 500 gaining six and a half%. the nasdaq up just about almost 6%. bmw recalling 570,000 of its cars, of faulty battery cable is the reason which causes the engine to stall. affecting the three series, the one series. we will put up to years of the website. bmw will notify affected dollars in march.
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we are telling you know just for your convenience. gasoline prices at the pump are now rising for 32 straight days. the price of a gallon of gas of more than $0.50 since the beginning of the year. up 13% just about twice what the market is up on the s&p. according to the energy of permission agency the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.22 at the end of december. sedate $3.703. experts say you can expect a price to go higher for another reason including demand moving higher with fineries beginning to shut down for seasonal maintenance as they prepare a bit of a summer blende. well, guess is that the only product rising in price. get ready for health reforms most overlooked tax. a brand new, are you ready, $100 billion plus tax courtesy of obamacare. liz macdonald joins us now with the story. this is the -- just almost no one is talking about this. most people have no idea it's
7:18 pm
coming from. lou: a big surprise. what is going on is of reform for the first time. excise tax, sort of house cigarette makers and alcohol companies have to pay tax on the company. it's kind of a sales tax. health insurers have to pay this tax back into the government. and so what basically is going on is too important groups in washington d.c. the congressional budget office and the joint committee on taxation are saying get this, at the consumers, businesses are going to have their health insurance premium go up because the health insurance industry is going to pass this tax along. and the number here. $101 billion over ten years. how that maps out, what that equates to four, you know, insurance premium hikes for the average family, $7,200 over two years. the $720. lou: an addition to all the other taxes. >> that's right. lou: this is a stunning stuff. >> it's a whopper. it runs counter to what the president is said. you are going to keep your
7:19 pm
health insurance as it is right now. you may save money and your health insurance. that's not the case. does not overseeing. lou: we are hard-pressed rather than to say what the president misrepresented got to find anything but he said that was correct as he sold obamacare to the american people. i honestly can't think of a single thing that he said that has come to pass. he said that the prices would go down, premiums would go down, the cost of health care would go down. >> its deficit-reduction. lou: you can keep your health care plan. all of it is of herbal. >> and it is extraordinary. what really struck me about this is that the fact that the cbo and joint committee on taxation are coming in and have come out and said, listen, the health insurance industry will pass this along. they will pass the sales tax along. they're not going to solid. it will pass along off. lou: what business would? >> that struck me because i had not seen such pointed language from both of those troops.
7:20 pm
lou: but in fairness here, the cbo and various agencies of this federal government to bar presumably non-partisan or bipartisan in some cases, utterly missing the boat here. they did not give the american people a correct reading of what was happening with obamacare. nancy pelosi who played the part of the president's stooge drought 2009 until the passage of obamacare in march of 2010, she had it right all along. she was the honest voice in washington. you have to pass it to find out what's in it. >> and this is submarine then almost like pharmaceutical type. but the thing is, we have a bipartisan bill that has been reintroduced to repeal this health insurance sales tax. the insurance industry will pass it on. whether that passes remains to be seen. lou: at the same time their is a little front that has been opened up with the number of democratic senators saying they
7:21 pm
want to rollback that tax on medical devices as well. i know by any of it. liz macdonald. always buy whenever you're selling. thank you so much. now to the weekend box office. bruce willis is back. he is a big drop after all these years. twenty-five years after the first die-hard movie hit theaters, a good day to die hard, the fifth installment in that series is stopping the box of the server the weekend bringing in almost $30 million for 20th-century fox. last week's number one universal identity be dropping the second place. just about $28 million. relativity safe-haven coming in third. just a little over 25 million. not a bad weekend at the box office. up next, the tax side onslaught does not stop with all we have been telling you about. many more taxes taking effect as obamacare rolls out. you know what, we just got it will be a complete even if i could share with you some of those taxes and their impact on
7:22 pm
the economy and on you and me. one of our all-time favorite angry liberals unleashing a rant, a racist rant on the new york city street. psychotherapist rob ludwig joins us to talk about that and what the federal government calls sensitivity training. if this is sensitivity training i hate to see what other kind of jokes this government has in store for us. we're coming right back. you don't want to miss dr. ludwig next. ♪ this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takakes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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♪ lou: obamacare, the taxes just keep coming. we were just told about the massive tax increase on its way, but the program designed to help people with pre-existing medical conditions is running out of money. this so-called pre-existing condition insurance plan was supposed to help up to up 400,000 folks.
7:26 pm
400,000 people with pre-existing condition sphere until obamacare fully to next year. the problem with that is that only 1,305,000 folks have signed up for it. and guess what they just did? a capet. they said, we don't have the money. insurance is proving more costly than they had been apparently had believed. they had been told they did not have enough money. a $5 billion, appropriated $5 billion the back of the pre-existing condition, program. less than half of that remains available. and so they decided they'd better stop it now because they're spending money at an unbelievable rate. new applicants are being now turned away on top of that the majority of states are now rejecting what is, after all, the heart of obamacare, the so-called insurance exchanges, health care marketplaces. consumers can buy individual
7:27 pm
private policies beginning october 1st and then applied for in some cases government subsidies to help pay the premium. twenty-six states from 26 states have said to obamacare, no deal. they're leaving it up to the federal government to set up those exchanges. seventeen states and the district of columbia are running their own exchanges. seventeen. seventeen states and the district of columbia. seven states are partner with the government. that is sort of a compromise. seventeen states. seven states, 17 states in d.c. well, you know, they're doing well we thought they would do, leaving the federal government absolutely flabbergasted. no idea what to do right now. why are 26 states opting out? cost an appearance simple. republican governors, 24 of them have rejected those exchanges say they simply cannot trust the federal government to cover the
7:28 pm
full cost of operating in exchange. and guess what, they have some pretty evidence for that already the preexisting element of the program has been capped and shut down because they're out of money. those governors were pretty smart. the taxes as a result of obamacare, as you were noting, showing up almost daily. so, to keep up with what is happening to the tax burden on the american working man and woman and particularly the middle class working man and woman in this country, every night on this broadcast we are going to be covering those taxes, the hidden costs, the public policy disasters that are mounting with each passing day. all of that which is obamacare because obamacare sticker shock is worsening each and every day and we're going to do our very best to put forward the truth about the cost, the taxes, and the functional results of the so-called public policies of obamacare.
7:29 pm
the president threatens congress with his own immigration plan and the white house is working hard to walk all back. the "a-team" reacts. we knew they wanted to take our guns, but it is taking or ammunition? that story next. to what is all this have to do with sensitivity training? >> the pilgrims were in the -- the pilgrims were illegal aliens lou: psychotherapist on so-called sensitivity training in the federal government and why it is so gnats. ♪ ♪ [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums.
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calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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♪ lou: alec baldwin taking to twitter to deny that he went on a racist rant against the new york post photographer. according to the post of the hot tempered actor last at one of the reporter's telling her he wanted to choker death. baldwin then allegedly verbally
7:33 pm
harassed the photographer calling him a crackhead, drug dealer, and a racial slur we won't repeat here. baldwin denies those accusations , tweeting what kind of magical thinking? accusing me of racism. both parties have filed for respite clans against another. another day with oddball than on the streets of new york. the apartment of agriculture under fire after hosting a mandatory so-called cultural sensitivity training program as we reported here friday. diversity awareness encouraging employees to use the phrase emerging majorities instead of minorities, even calling the pilgrims illegal aliens. listen to this. >> what you to see america was one of the outsiders. say that. today's insiders. we get very nervous about today's outsiders. i want you to say the programs are really lillian's. say the pilgrims never give
7:34 pm
their passports to the indians. lou: joining us now to psychoanalyze this cultural sensitivity training session, a psychotherapist dr. rob ludwig. good to have you year. >> good to be here. lou: i have to say,,you could tell. >> absolutely analyze. lou: he really thought he was pretty cute comedy? >> it sounds like he really thought he was being effective. it was an erroneous argument. the laws were different and the programs came. he was trying to be effective and help his audience think of it. what i didn't like was asking the audience to repeat after him that was a type of teaching method that reinforces a certain kind of thinking, and it was not critical thinking, and i think that might be what you're responding to. as a good teacher you want to inspire lots of different thoughts. you don't want your students to think the way you. lou: wasn't exactly the socratic
7:35 pm
method. >> no. lou: a little more, do we college verging on indoctrination. and the poor people sitting in that audience. our employees. he is representing the employer, in this case, the federal government, telling them how to think, speak, and also telling and stuff that is utter nonsense . and we have -- and the other thing, in sensitivity training you have to have an understanding of an independent, objective truth. >> right. lou: then you talk about the perceptions of those. >> in bringing other people who are part of that minority talking about that. and that think it should happen from kindergarten on. this is something should be like breathing, just part of the american culture, but we have an understanding of what it is like to be in different groups and what it's like to have different kinds of experiences. it might cost less. training from the government. lou: i think that he does not like the word, like it matters what he thinks.
7:36 pm
he doesn't like the word minorities to missouri was to use the word emerging majority. you know, it's against the laws of nature. decan only be one majority of the time. what the heck does that mean? >> well, he's trying to influence how people feel. and when you change a word you're trying to change the emotion behind that word. lou: and the thought. >> right. and the thought process. lou: which is one of the reasons -- >> inaccurate. it does not mean you will be an emerging majority. you might be, you might not be. lou: the other thing, there is nothing in and of itself that is pejorative about the word minority. there is certainly nothing positive about majority in and of itself. is simply what it is. >> that's right. lou: to suggest that is somehow -- i just find this -- >> i'm not sure what he was conveying. maybe his intentions were good, but his style, i take issue with it. i don't know if he was completely effective. obviously any teaching or training to be effective.
7:37 pm
lou: it seemed like he was peddling a very simple is the logical viewpoint rather than sensitivity, cultural or innocent. and then as i say, so immersed in his -- >> easy and very passionate about his teaching style, but i like it when a class from encourages people to share their own experience and their own ideas and come away thinking with a different perspective they had not thought of before. that, to me, is effective kicking up. lou: let me try this one out. treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. is that a good place to start? >> that's a good place to start. lou: is not original. >> the laws did not exist then, but that's just me. lou: we have to get to this. the hispanic leaders, let's just put up a couple of words here because you get to the point that i really wanted to discuss your bury quickly. one of the folks, head of the
7:38 pm
hispanic nation to civil we're trying to do is talk elected officials to be proactive on immigration reform without using the harsh tone and the harsh rhetoric. you start throwing the word illegals around. it sort of dehumanizes. and i want to go through if i may, first, to the independent reality. this is what the government refers to those other in this country illegally as. first of all, they refer to them as illegals are aliens. they say very specifically u.s. section 11083 uses the term alien defines it as a person not a citizen nationalized by the united states. using the term illegal alien and unauthorized alien. my goodness. >> just saying that the word should be undocumented citizen. lou: but the point being, you said people were throwing those words around loosely.
7:39 pm
in fact made is the correct language and the correct description. >> i guess what she's saying is sometimes the correct language is inflammatory, so let's think about that. does this language influence the way that people or people in general experience illegal aliens? does this set people to dehumanize them, see them as less than? to not give them a chance? i think that was our perspective and that was a point. lou: you perceive this. what do you perceive from the government? bring in a 11 million, at least. 11 million in the letter s. brings them into this country. we provide for them, provide them jobs. we are working to create a rational, effective, she made immigration resolution for their status. and you see that as, you know, a government that has been demonizing or is this and in the logical game that is being played in which people are trying to control language and through language control fought and therefore something that
7:40 pm
would be extraordinarily careful >> the cells like she is trying to advocate. >> i believe her. she's doing a great thing. i'm talking about in point of fact that seems to be this situation in which refine ourselves. >> yes, and that is what happens with linguists when they tried to change to manipulate language. lou: pursuing a political agenda >> absolutely. the question in terms of -- and when i was betting this for this segment, the estate tax when people were trying to get, you know, people to rethink that. nobody knew what it meant. no one was really interested. linguists then said that call it the death tax. everyone knew what death was. no, no i get it. that's where people are coming from when they're trying to redefine certain words, trying to impact the emotions of people and impact behavior. lou: incumbent upon psychotherapists and those in the national media to always have efforts to change language and a critical examination.
7:41 pm
>> we should examine everything. lou: let's do that. >> we should do it together. lou: o.c. next week. does it to filing star facebook page. e-mail me. tweet me. up next chicago's police superintendent does not like the second amendment. in fact, he says the use of the second amendment is the reason that is city is the murder capital of america. this guy is smart. let me tell you. we'll tell you how smart next. ♪
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16. lou: the assault on the second amendment having unintended consequences. "usa today" reported that gunshots are now running low on ammunition. prices have doubled, more than doubled, in fact, over the past year with retailers being forced to put limits on the amount of memo that a customer to buy. experts contributing the shortage to fears about potential gun-control
7:45 pm
legislation, the rising popularity of sports shooting and hunting. in fact according to u.s. fish and wildlife service hunting license sales also moving higher. 9 percent higher over the past five years reversing what had been at 25 year decline. gun rights advocates are blasting chicago's police superintendent after he suggested, get ready, gun rights groups and agents -- our age is a political corruption. listen to gary mccarthy of the chicago radio talk show yesterday. >> the special interests, police work, we think it would be corruption. so if it has to do with donating money, obverses popular vote, and we have a bigger problem in this country and someone has to wake up to that. >> is using that gun rights groups are somehow corrupting public safety? >> well, how was it their controlling politicians? palin the control and elected
7:46 pm
officials? is not by popular vote. lou: really? according to the illinois rifle association mccarty also went on to argue the second amendment limits citizens toning smoothbore muskets. no, i have to say to you, if that really is the case does that mean the first amendment applies only to pamphlets and not television stations or networks? i mean, there is some deep thinking going on there in law enforcement, chicago, the murder capital of america. colorado house democrats passing the gun-control measures today after a little arm-twisting from vice-president joe biden taking a break from his skiing vacation in aspen to call for a democratic lawmakers and herds and to advance the proposals that ban large magazines and expand a background checks. all of those measures still need to be considered by the state's democratic controlled senate. the democratic governor, john beckham, has said he has supported most of the measures but has not made up his mind about a ban on concealed
7:47 pm
firearms on college campuses. good lord. meanwhile, efforts to impose new gun-control measures in the state of washington have hit something of a -- well, a serious roadblock. sponsors of assault weapons ban got so excited that they decided to put some interesting things in the bill. they say they regret backing the bill after learning includes a provision that assault weapon donors submit themselves to annual police home inspections. two of the sponsors apparently did not read the bill closely enough because they were just on the right side of cori and then have made it is probably, they say -- probably, probably, unconstitutional. burger king apologizing after someone hacked into their twitter account posting obscene messages, changing its profile picture to a mcdonald's ago. burger king apparently slow to respond, taking over an hour to take down the account. meanwhile, the hacker or hackers sent out more than 50 tweeds and retreat, some of which included
7:48 pm
lots of nonsense and embarrassing language for burger king. mcdonald's quickly claimed innocence and the matter saying we empathize with our burger king counterparts. rest assured, we had nothing to do with a hacking cough. i would never have even suspected they did. up next, the president throws a potential roadblock in the wake of a bipartisan immigration agreement or is it pure political theater? we will take that up but the "a-team." my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side.
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♪ lou: earlier today on that "lou dobbs tonight" facebook page i ask for your thoughts on chicago police chief blaming the violence in chicago on second amendment supporters and those
7:52 pm
who dare to take advantage of the second amendment rights. timothy road in to say, it is not the guns, it's that jobs. we thought that was a fairly sink analysis. joining us now, the "a-team." author, radio talk-show host, fox is contributor, democratic political consultant and strategist, senior writer for the weekly standard, steven haze. monica, let's start with the net jobs. >> starting with the chicago police chief, should we start there? what he said was absolutely astonishing. this was a man who is in charge of the police force in chicago, the third largest police force in the united states. previously he by chicago's gun violence, massive gun violence on everything from government sponsored races and set their -- sarah palin's. now he is blaming second amendment groups regard as gun violence without addressing the real issue, number one, game-related gun violence is the vast majority of the gun related homicides that we see in the second element which is never discussed because of the racial
7:53 pm
element is the fact is so much of this gun violence is black-on-black violence, minority-on-minority violence. there's no discussion on that. lou: your reaction. >> i agree. i found his comments absolutely extraordinary and here is what is interesting. let that and the news that you read about washington state and these legislators in did not even know what was in this proposal, this bill that they co-sponsored, requiring home inspections. and you have the president go to great lengths to try to save him a look, we're not here to take anyone's guns away. we are not against the second amendment and then you wonder why conservatives and people who are pro-second amendment are concerned about this. i mean, you have these kinds of proposals that are popping up in states. you contemplate. i think people are right to be concerned about the possibility that there will be more attentive take there guns away. lou: think about the president. i mean, he has told us some extraordinary tales. he said he is not coming for
7:54 pm
your guns. he said is that a spending problem when it's a spending problem. he said the most transparent administration in history when is obviously anything but. at what point all of these misrepresentations and really pure i'll responses to an obvious reality for millions of americans weigh upon his standing among the american public? >> never. we just had the referendum, the election. he whined. lou: is actually in better shape now. >> he keeps finding these tidbits, would have called by size accomplishments that are accomplishments of all, rhetorical by and large that then become the common parlance of that moment and protected from attack. lou: never. we will be back with what monica and stephen have to say about that next.
7:55 pm
♪ dad, i'd put that down.
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lou: the president, over the weekend playing golf, three days. ed henry, head of white house press association, beside himself as were his colleagues, at the lack of access. what's new? >> i tell you why this story sans out. not that the vacation is on i have -- not that the president on vacation again. , per say, but this white house claimed to be most transparent, we see everything from "fast and furious" to benghazi to the golf trips, there is no transparency. lou: this is to me, this is strange. the white house press corps, which is performed rather gently, i think toward the president wants more access when he plays golf. i'm not sure what the pictures
7:59 pm
were and the reports were going to be, about a three-day golf holiday with tiger woods? >> i think that ed henry deserves credit for raising this issue and pushing it. i guess i would have chosen a different topic or time. far more important we get 70 e-mails echargeed between intelligence agency and administration. than a picture of the president with tiger woods. lou: i'm sure they are on the way. >> according to dennis mcdonough they are under negotiation, but that is where i would have said we need more information of substantive nature, the case is good, i'm glad ed is pressing it. lou: hank. is this, as heather mcdonald said, all kabuki theater, political theater, the leaking of the president's position on

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